How can I keep myself updated with world’s cutting edge technologies in web programming and networking?


Answer by Vishal Sakaria:

This is the big question! I have been asking myself this question for a while. I recently went to a talk by a guy called Fred George, Chief dev at the Daily Mail and MIT student he has worked in some of the best companies around. He said that he had friends that he called fat pigeons people that were so into technology they knew what would be big next.  And that he ‘used’ them to identify bleeding edge technologies. I suppose the way is to find some fat pigeons! Meet ups, blogs ect.

Saying that, after the talk I didn’t come away with 2 technologies that are next gen being Node.js and Clojure and after doing some research I validated those assumptions. If you look at the Heroku homepage they use some of the best technologies and Node and Clojure are there, another way I validated these idea’s were to look at the best, not the biggest, but the best more cutting edge companies such as Mastodon C, a big data company or a eBay, check out the blog How We Built eBay’s First Node.js Application.

Say I’d say talk to the best people and then validate your idea’s via the net!

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