What has been your experience at Makers Academy?

Answer by Vishal Sakaria:


I was one of the first cohorts at MA, at the time the application process wasn’t that hard though I have heard its become more selective. The peers were great, there was some disagreements regarding development strategies but that normal. The workload was pretty intense I must say, if you want to get the most and be the best 12 hours days with a few rest is what your going to need. The teaching was good, ann I have been a teacher for 8 years now, saying that there were some area’s of inexperience which are being addressed. I am seeing alot more testing from the new cohorts, which btw is one of the best ways to teach. Currently I am looking for work, I have had one job offer to start in 6 weeks working with machine learning and information retrieval.

In the mean time I have 2 interview next week one with ITV.

Overall I’d say MA is a great course although a tough at times, the people really do care there, they teach alot of industry techniques and if you work hard and are confident you’ll come away being able to develop in any framework or language which is what its all about!

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